Spring - Summer Collection 2014 is online!
Give it a shot www.therealintellectuals.com

The Real Intellectuals crew. Photo by Panos Davios.

Here’s a snapshot from yesterday’s photoshoot for the Spring - Summer collection with the photographer Panos Davios, Yama Suki, Peri Infected, Paul Blackman. Stay tuned!

Have an awesome weekend everybody and ride it like you stole it!

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T R I SPRING ESSENTIALS 2014. TSS trucker cap by The Real Intellectuals , Sideburn Magazine, Handcrafted leather key rope by @therealintellectuals, Multi-tool by Leatherman Sport, TSS mug by @therealintellectuals, Scarf by Bolt, Tee and Sweater by @therealintellectuals.

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Nacio Jan Brown


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New Artwork…
It doesn’t make any difference what city. All cities are alike. That’s why I’m out here now…cause I’m from the city, a long way from the city - and that’s where I want to be right now.